Silver Puzzle Piece Necklace - Textured Puzzle Piece Pendant with Chain

  • $ 2000

This textured aluminum, puzzle piece necklace is simply lovely! The approximately 1 inch puzzle piece is on a chain of your choice.



Option 1: Silver Plated Chain- 18 inches

Option 2: Silver Plated Chain- 16 inches

Option 3: Silver Plated Chain- 24 inches

Option 4: Sterling Silver Chain - 18 inches

Option 5: Sterling Silver Chain- 16 inches

Option 6: Sterling Silver Chain- 20 inches


◆ ◆ NOTE: I can not stamp anything on a back of a pendant or charm because it can show through onto the front. ◆ ◆

Additional Information:
 Each piece is made by hand, with every letter individually stamped, and may have variations in spacing, and placement, etc. from the photo making them that much more unique and special.

Q: Can I add extra birthstones/or accent beads to a necklace?
A: Absolutely! Each bracelet/necklace comes standard with 1 accent bead. To add additional birthstones/accent beads you can purchase the "Add an Extra Bead" option available on my site along with your jewelry order.

◆Q: Can you stamp something on the back of the pendant?
A: Sorry, but I can only stamp on one side of a pendant...otherwise I've found that the stamping runs the risk of showing through onto the front. Sorry about that.

Q: Can I include a note in the package so that I can send it directly as a gift?
A: Absolutely, it's no problem at all to include a short note for you in the package. Just type me a quick note during checkout of what you want the note to say.

Q: If I place an order today, how soon will my order ship?
A: Always click on the "When Will My Order Ship?" button under the Quick Links section at the bottom of any page main page to see the current turn around times. During normal times of year, your order will ship in 2 to 3 business days. During busier times of year, that turnaround time may change, so be sure to check there for the current turnaround times.

Q:What size is the pendant?
A: Check the sizing in the description of each piece of jewelry. Also, click on the arrows on the photos to see additional photos. Necklaces will be displayed on a mannequin to give you a visual on pendant sizing. 

Q: What are the hand-stamped pendants made out of?
A: My hand-stamped, quote pieces are made using brushed aluminum. Aluminum is very hypoallergenic and those that are even allergic to sterling silver and other metals can usually wear aluminum without any problems.

Q: Can you make a custom necklace/custom quote for me?
A: I love custom orders! Contact me at: and let me know what you had in mind and I will see if it's something I can design for you. :)

If you are interested in a different size on a piece of jewelry, or an alteration to a quote, contact me before you purchase to see if that's a possibility. Thanks! :)

If you are looking for some style/color in particular and aren't finding me and I will see if I can make what you are looking for. 

Thanks so much for shopping! Come back soon! :-)



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